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Will my party be alone in the villa? (even a couple e.g. honeymooners?)

Yes. (rental is exclusive)

If I rent only two bedrooms, do I have all the facilities of the villa?

Yes, except for the use of the other bedrooms. (Sea Bliss rents as entire villa)


Is the area quiet?


How far is the villa from the sea?

Sea Symphony - Less than 30 yards. Sea Bliss and Sea Cruise - A two minute walk.

Do I have to cook?

No, a CHEF is standard at Sea Symphony and Sea Cruise. Available on request at Sea Bliss.

Do I have to do my own laundry?

No, there is a LAUNDRESS who will take care of your laundry.

Do I have to find my own way from the airport?

No, we provide complimentary service to and from the airport.

Will I be met at the villa on arrival?

Yes, your staff will be at the villa to warmly welcome you.

Is the area good for snorkeling?


Is the sea safe for swimming?


Are all the bedrooms air-conditioned?


Is the water safe for drinking?


Is the beach private?

There are no private beaches in Barbados. The beach is however quiet and secluded.

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